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Become an MPRA Member


MPRA is a 100% NRA membership club and if you are not a member of the NRA you will be required to join.

Applicants who are not currently NRA members may apply for NRA membership with his/her MPRA application. The current NRA annual dues are $35.00/year (includes firearms insurance, magazine subscription, and other benefits). MPRA receives a $10.00 NRA rebate for new members. 

Becoming an MPRA member is easy

  1. Fill out and Print MPRA application

  2. Submit this form with a check or money order at monthly meeting or by mail (PO Box 302, Middletown, NY 10940)

  3. Pay the new member fee of $238. This fee includes one year membership, administration fee, and key fob deposit

  4. Ensure References return their forms in a timely matter

  5. You will be assigned a mentor to review range safety and procedures

  6. When notified, come to the next general meeting to get voted in

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